Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lots to Do this Spring, Dying Wool and more Rennovations

Update on a new project that Nancy is starting. Several photos of a family pet are being used to custom dye the various shades of wool needed.  I will post an update on this portait next time she brings it in for viewing.

More and more wool to be dyed this spring.

busy with the new in-floor heat kit going into the second bathroom. The electrician forgot to install the wiring for this heat kit so it had to be installed after the fact,  disconnecting the baseboard heater and cutting holes in the wall. and then of course foam insulation again.

Beside the kettle to boil my dye water you will see the piles of tools that are being used to rennovate my bathroom.

Insulation is a wonderful product if your not the person that has to install it.  And guess who was nominated to do that job 'me'  I survived and the sheetrock is now on also. Notice the path to reach the wool bolt on the shelf -- little fancy foot work to get around in this room.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Loonie Monday

Update on the Loon project that Nancy is working on this week,  just a little of the backing left to be finished. The sunset sky was Dorr wool that we painted one evening.