Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Rug's Enemy

For Christmas I got an iRobot, he is a great little housekeeper, around the house he goes cleaning up dirt, I tested out how he can maneuver, up over the door thresholds, over the mats in the kitchen and in the livingroom. But, the second time a let my new little housekeeper loss I was upstairs I heard a strange noise, he got caught on one of my rugs, little pieces of wool on the floor, so if you get a new iRobot to assist you with the house cleaning please take up your handmade rugs first.

From the photo you can verily see the corner of the rug that I had to un-sew and re-hook, of course the color was a one of a kind print so I used a little soft black.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

2 Colors to Start the Week

These are my 2 colors dyed this weekend. I was out of Light Golden Yellow (I love this color!) and a Grey Green.

What's Old is New again

Little Weekend Project, trying to get a color for a project, I saw this create idea in a Rug Hooking Magazine, use your old and new pieces and over dye them. This is before...

This is in the pot, I used 2 colors one of each end ...

After, ready to dry.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Picture Perfect

I was at the LA Animal Shelter this week. Myself and the other volunteers participated in a Bark Buster session, we the volunteers have to interact with the dogs and cats at the shelter, try to love them and understand them, one of the problems that I had was walking the dogs, some of these dogs are as large as me and they have not be taught to walk properly on a leash.

Thought I'd share a photo of one of the little puppies at the shelter this week, he was found in the woods in the last snow storm, he is the cutest little 3 month old puppy.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rug Lovers

Anyone whom has a dog in their house will appreciate this photo. Libby my dog loves to lay on the rugs. Someone will come in the house and show us their rug and Libby will quickly come over and lay down as much as say, "YUP I like it".

My Little Frog

I started the Frog pattern, I used a recycled green, it was too busy in the house to think last night so I didn't start his lilypad , here is a sneak peek of him.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Perception is 98% everything....

I had a conversation yesterday about Pink, not just any Pink but Baby Pink, I soon learned as I was digging in my attic stash of wool that to find the right Pink is one thing, but to find the shade of Pink that someone else is asking for can be even more difficult. I had several stikes against me, 1 the lighting in the attic, 2 my lack of pink in the stash and 3 my perception of color and what Pink means to me.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Had an Idea

I've been thinking about what to design next, just a little winter project as it should be quiet this weekend. A frog I thought, so I got on Google Images last night and found a frog, it took me 3 tries to draw him but the end product seems fine, He is sitting on a lily pad and I'll try my hand at prodding a few lily flowers through. Not to wate the rest of the burlap I drew a little 2 stars in boxes design, I think this might be a nice little beginner kit for people.

Just outside with my dog Libby brrrrrr..... another Nova Scotia winter, best time to hook.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Gift for a Litte Girl

I made some changes to my Flickr site last night as I can finally log back in.
I also added a few rugs from friend whom has been hooking. I really don't like the look of my rug hooking website and found a new template to use, there are not enough fields and I think I want drop-down menus, and I'm no expert.
This rug was given to a little girl that loves to read for Xmas, Grace Kinnear hooked it and my mother Nancy helped her design it. I thought of the idea to add the bookworm beside the book and dyed some wool, my little piece of the project LOL

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Friends New Rug

I just got a photo e-mailed to me from a friend, this is a rug she designed and hooked , she is using a few of the color I custom dyed for her. I didn't get it up on my website yet

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just thinking about what rug to design next, I have a few ideas but I could also finish the old one I only have half done...