Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Doggie Days

Doggie Pattern is today's photo, Nancy hooked these two special dogs from the photography in the corner. I will update as the background is added.

Group photo of the Weekend hook-in I attended, our course was on seascapes and I will post my pattern tomorrow. This was a well needed rest and relaxing time from my regular day.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Round and Around the Circle We Go

Nice & Easy Circle Pattern

Nancy has been hooking on this one and help another beginner hooker work on hers, the background is a Dark Golden Yellow and I'm not sure what the shade is in the circles some variety of green hues. Going around the circle it is actually better to use a hoop than a lap frame as you are constantly moving the rug around on your lap.

If you are looking for a Pattern for that beginning in your group, this might be an idea to use.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Update from March 11 Two Horses

Update on the Two Horses from March 11, they are completely finished now, the background color in the border around the outside was dyed in the same pot as the yard used for whipping. The colors are very complimentary.

I survived day one of my newest course - class starts at 8:30am Eastern time, so it's 9:30am Atlantic, bringing my day to 5:30pm before class is over, So what do I do? Spend from 8:00am till class time rushing around making sure all the staff are OK before I jump into my Virtual World. Libby is providing her moral support as usually if there is any confusion the head is on the left and she does still have a pulse.
She doesn't know it yet but she is only one or two days away from a bath shhh......

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Monochromatic Design with a Green Twist

This is an interesting piece my mother did, she took a class from Barbara Leduc, Teacher RHGNS at Joyce LeMoine's home here locally.

I had never heard about Monochromatic Designs till this point, to me personally the idea sounded a bit intimidating as I'm not a highly skilled hooker myself.

Mom decided to use all the multiple shades of green for Santa and his bag of toys and 3 toned natural , white and celery colors for the snowy background. Using the different shades in the background other than green is not an exactly a true monochromatic but I think this projects a nice effect.

Friday, March 19, 2010

is it St, Patrick's Day yet? guess I missed it

Well I guess St. Patrick's day is gone to do my Blog Posting, and I even had the perfect green post for it, gee. I was at the Shelter FundRaising Function and took some pictures.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Public Groups in FaceBook are they really Public? not in my World

OK I have to vent again, I know it's Sunday and all.

This one boggles my mind, there is a local FaceBook Group for the LA Animal Shelter and I would off and on upload some pictures on-line after I updated the website, I didn't really notice at first that my postings were being removed, You see O NO this has been going on for months. One of my relatives happened to comment on the picture of a dog Rex I uploaded, and when I was in my HotMail account that I use for my FaceBook account, I clicked on Sonia's comment, I scratch my head at first, my posting is gone? Where did it go? I went into the FaceBook Group and sure enough the admin (who will not let any paying committee members or Board Members be in the Admin or Officer Section that's another story) she removed my posted and re-added the posting under her name.

I'm just baffled by people, this is the comment when I emailed and asked her.

Quote: " I remove them Corrine because it is my responsibility to post new photos of new arrivals at the shelter, as the group administrator I feel that is my responsibility. There are not many things I can do with the shelter because of my schedule this is one of the few things I can work on, but when someone else comes in and does it, where does that leave me?"

So the end of my story is this, I (the VP this year) will not post anymore new animals for now in the Public FaceBook Forum, and ignore this person but I don't forget, did I mention that 62% of the population of Cumberland County is literate. Wonder why we have to save dogs and cats from abusive homes?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Horse by any other name

I've been very busy with an on-line Virtual Course this week, in fact I lost my Virtual Server yesterday and had to re-build all last night, it was my stupidity so don't feel sorry for me.
But I had to stop and share this rug, look at the eyes are they not life like? I can just picture these horse (they look female to me) coming up to the fence waiting for some grass clipping.
Another issue in my life yesterday was the local Animal Shelter being broken into, fortunately the monies for this weeks adoptions had just been picked up by our Treasurer. And they didn't steal any of the medicals and needles. They stole a Yogurt ummm must have been hungry? You know it takes a big person to steal from a local not-for-profit organization whom lives mostly on donations.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Maud Lewis another Classic - Nova Scotian Style

Maud Lewis is an interesting story from Nova Scotia, Canada, an extremely poor and physically disabled lady with talent to spare. Many a fiber artist will hook patterns originally designed by Maud Lewis. A hooker friend was in to buy some basic blue as she ran out around the top corners, I was quite surprised and inspired by this piece right from the moment she laid it out on the table. There is something about Nova Scotian talent Maud Lewis to Deanne Fitzpatrick (who's shop is just up the road and I really must get in to visit). O O !! I almost forgot Marilyn B was the hooker of this rug.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dog and Cat Pattern - Perrrrfect

Look at this pattern, this is a very old Classic print that I bet many of your have seen before?

I have seen this pattern hooked several different ways, a local hooker brought this one in and we are trying to decide the color of the background so as to not wash out the dog and cat on the print. I think the balance of the blue on the side bar, the cats bow and on the ball really make this pattern stand out. Great Job Grace.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Busy Few Days

I think this picture about sums up my last few days!!! But there is light at the end of the tunnel now, my foster puppy is back at the shelter, the kids are with their other family after a full 3 week visit, and I'm getting very focused at work. I will post some rug patterns from my friends that actually have time to 'hook' tomorrow.

Tonight is the Highland Hookers night and I finally get to see the girls again, I have been babysitting and not getting to the Hook-In.