Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Hockey Girl pattern update

Update on the young hockey girl's rug pattern, 90% done now with the face and hair done.
The tiger mascot was re-done twice very difficult to hook at image with alot of detail in such a small space.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

House Coming Along nicely

An update on the house pattern that Grace is working on she was in for a visit today and picked out a soft yellow for the windows. Because most this house is white on white the uses of multiple tones to show shading is necessary.
The front door will have to be re-done as it is also white (not green), Grace will use a very light grey shade to not loss the white door in the front of a white house with white window casings.

Bath Night

My little angel got a Bath the other night.

O how she hates the water but after the long process is over she runs around the house as if to say Look at Me! Look at Me!

It is not just a matter of bathing my dog, she has to be brushed and blowdryed along with some trimming around the eyes, feet and exit point LOL I left a little hair on the top this time to have a ponytail for Xmas bows. Libby has over the years sported the 'long hair' to the floor style with a larger ponytail and the typical short, short cuts.

She got a new jacket too this week from a friend whom bought the jacket for her dog and it was too small. It just varily fits her, I think it will be donated to the shelter.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I slipped into the Dark Side this weekend

This is a new interesting color for the shop, it is a custom dyed color for the circle of a sunflower pattern, it doesn't show easily on the screen but the color is dark brown with black mottled.

One of my other projects this weekend was putting drywall on in the basement my future wool hiding place. We put a few more sheets on and I have hired help coming tomorrow to speed this process up.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Litte Bit of Facial Tone

Update from the Dye Pot
Dying Facial Tones this week - I put a dark yellow / brown on the end to show the ligher shading of the Facial Tones. The wool background in the middle is the lightest piece and the piece of wool farthest away has some abrushing to create the shadows and contours of the face or body as needed.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getting Ready for tomorrow's class

Well I think we have everything ready, Nancy and I are off to River Hebert (smaller community than Amherst) tomorrow to teach a group of senior ladies how to hook. This pattern is very basic just a small holly berry with leaves along with a the Poinsetta Flower. O ... and I'm just there for moral support and the go-fer. I will take credit for dying this Golden Yellow and the Santa Red though.

Being 99.9 percent over my illness now with puffers and med's in hand I'm ready to go. If anyone wants to buy a rug hooking kit I have 2 extras made for the just in case people $40.00 with scottish burlap pattern traced on and serged, wool, instructions and a small color photo.

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Colors to Start the Week

Few of my new colors to start the week.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A quiet Saturday Night at home

Don't get me wrong.......

I love company as much as the next person but tonight I'm enjoying the peace and quiet. My day started after the 2 small children and the large child went off to do their thing. I have been sick for several weeks if you've noticed the minimum number of blogs.

With the sun shining every so brightly it showed the dust and dirt of the house and myself being the only human creature of the house whom sees the dirt or is troubled by the sight of it I took to cleaning for several hours. I put the self cleaning oven on and opened the windows. I received as a gift an H2O Steam Mop last year for Christmas and what a rig as my whole house is hardwood floors. I wanted to sanitize my surroundings with all though germs that had been floating in the air.

After my sense of accomplishment it was onto ironing all my new wool colors and dying some others. Mom is doing a Christmas sock pattern class on Wednesday and she has a list of colors for me to have done. These are some of the basic colors I've dyed this week. I'll blog the crazier colors next.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

House Update

Just as a mentioned Grace's name she arrived at the door, someone else's ears were burning this week too.

Grace picked up some green for the grass on the front lawn as seen in the photo, she has a few of the shuttles and some outlining started. She is going to use this red/black pattern she found at the Second Hand Store for some of the chinney bricks. Stay Tuned.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

New House for Christmas

This is a pattern that Nancy helped design for our friend Grace, she is hoping to get this done for Christmas, this pattern is her son's home I will update you if she comes in to visit this week. I have to dye the Sky Blue for her I actually named it Gracie Sky Blue because that is the color she always picks for her skies. No sensing changing a good thing I guess.

I'm been sick so not alot of Blogging this week.