Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nancy's Rug Display at the Fibre Arts Festival 2010

Nancy's Rug Display at the 2010 Fibre Arts Festival,  if you are wondering about the layout of the display the biggest difficultly was the fact that this was a Church Building with 'very' low lighting and alter chairs and religious area layout. So we moved the chairs around and tied strings to the rugs to show her larger patterns, with smaller rugs on the alter, laying on longer tables and along the floor of the main area.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Festival This Week, Fibre all the Way

This is the week of the Annual Fibre Arts Festival here in Amherst Nova Scotia,  my mother Nancy Burke is displaying her rugs today so it was a busy few days this week as she never finishes whipping most rugs -- not that I never finish anything either.

The WebSite of Events is 

I didn't get to attend any of the workshops this week as it's too busy at work and I was out of the office most of last week so that would be double inappropriate. Little pic. from last year's festival at my purse workshop with Jennifer Manuell   :-(

P.S. the purse still has no handles  LOL

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hit or Miss Day

Hit or Miss Rug is starting to come together, as most hookers know this is the perfect pattern for extra worms. 

Supper twice this week was a large pan of scallops, I split the package and cooked them two different ways.  ummm  I wish fresh scallops were on the weekly meal plan more often. 

My little lucky bamboo plants is just growing like crazy, I have to re-pot him this week, I think he likes the new dining room finally got the curtains hemmed and hung. And the mirror to open the space up more.