Saturday, February 28, 2009

Red as Red - more Red

Another little weekend project, some bright red 1/8 yards

Crazy Nice Color

Just out of the dye bath, my Teal and Red Dip Dye. I'm quite happy with these little ones.

Friday, February 27, 2009

New Light Steel Grey to the Stash

I've been told by my Expert Color Picker that this is light steel grey #3, I hope to re-dye this this weekend and also the next color darker along with my Pond Green.

I'm back

Well I've been sick all week and I think half of our community is also. Going to now enjoy my weekend rug hooking and getting caught up on my wool dying. Above, few greens I mixed up in a pot and below the stripes ready to hook with.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dark as Dark can be

I had someone ask for a very dark green swatch, I think these are as dark green as you can get, beautiful #319 left and #320 right, and if you could see these 2 in person they are a little different shades.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Red Brown & Teal Green

EBay Brown Red

I re-dyed these 2 colors this weekend, I'm still disappointed with the photo of the dark red brown, the color is so bright in real life, but I did manage to get the tones of the teal green I think. I really need a new camera or to borrow someone's for a weekend. The green is nice as it's abrush a little on the darkest color. I have them on E-Bay we'll see what ours think. On a different note I just finished reading a little beginners book of Feng Shui. I can't wait to find another books, I even spent several hours viewing the You Tube Videos on Home Design, I'm going to definitely learn more and hope to incorporate into my rug hooking. If I get time TO rug hook.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Long Winter Night

I didn't get any rug hooking done tonight, there seems to be a long list of thing waiting for me each night I come home from work, I did get some good old fashion Sloppy Joes made for Supper. These will fill you up for the night.

I tried out my new fancy white dishes, you would think by looking at this dishes they came from the Pamper Chef (one of my favorite kitchen stores) or Winners or Home Sense, but NO they are from the Dollar Store that's right, I even found the open shapes plates too match.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Great Finds

Great finds at the second hand shop. I can't show you because my camera has no batteries, but I'm sure it is close to the color of this boot. It was just a small coat so not a huge amount of wool but I like to collect different colors, and this is a color I don't have.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Easter's Coming Fast

This great little background is available on EBay this week for sale. This 1/3 yard background reminders me of Easter.

Violet and Blues

Dyed these soft Red Violet and Blues, I used Dorr Natural and Blue for this set, several large drops of color throughout,The Blue on the right side is abrushed with extra Seal Brown (above)

All ironed and foiled , this set is available at check it out here.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Prodded Pink Flower

This is my very first time trying to prodded something, on my frog rug I want to have just one flower that is prodded, so I went to my Gene Sheperd Prodded Hooking Book and found a basic flower that even I can probably create.

I have been watching Gene Shepherd's Blog and I'm learning more that any course can teach me, the berries, the woven basket handle, and the dark red ribbon on the Noel.

With the use of technology I've become so inspired, look at Skip To My Ewe's dying projects last week. It is a good time to be a 'hooker'

It's a Match

All done and my customer is happy, shown on the left is an exact match of #39 Green and on the right is a great shade of green in the same family as this left over swatch, New name is Grannie Smith Apple # 41 HOT! HOT!

This morning a have more wool soaking ready to move on to the next project, I'm thinking Easter. It's hard to dye wool when you are sharing the kitchen with the rest of the house, some day I will have my own little kitchen and studio.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chai Tea

To make a wool dying night even better, My friend gave me some new tea, it is excellent ,the smell is heavenly. And I put it in my large BFF cup and just enjoy. HOT on a cold winter's night, and in Nova Scotia we have lots of them.

Match Night

Tonights Project, these 2 colors need to be re-dyed for a customer, I'm going to see how close my formulas will get me. I'm hoping the darker one at the top will be exact and the bottom is a swatch so looking for something in the similiar family. I'll post the final results tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In the Stars

8 Stars Pattern is the rug of the day, this pattern is for sale in my Etsy Store please visit,, this is a very easy pattern for first time rug hookers.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Foster Boy's new Jacket

Casper the Poodle, is my foster dog this week, he is so small that I didn't have a jacket for him, he has been groomed recently and had to be shaved close to the skin for mats. If I took Casper outside to do his business he was freezing, my Mom and I decided to make a little jacket for him yesterday, he has this dog bone pattern and a bright blue and red one. Casper was styling in his new jacket when he went to visited 2 potential new adoptees, I don't expect Casper to be with us much longer, but he is an enjoyable little guy to have around.

Not to be out done, my little girl Libby got a new Jacket too, she loves Polar Fleece, she is sporting a brown one with a light blue collar.

Random Hearts

Another beautiful rug done by Kim, Random Hearts is using Elizabeth Black's Black for the background hooked on Scottish Burlap, most wool is cut on a #5 cut with her new Fraser Cutter. This rug is one of those excellent ways to utilize small bits and pieces of wool around the house. Looks like someone else is enjoying the rug already.