Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dip Dip and Dry

Step One: Dip the Teal, I run out of this color and had to dye more this weekend. Hope I get it close in color.

Step Two: Dye the other side, just a little bit at first to get an orange softer color and leave the tails in the water to soak up extra color.

Off to the Clothes Line, it was warm enough here today to dry outside. Notice the piece on the right side I used a little of the red to overdye this one, yummmy.....


  1. Beautiful. I love the red on the end. I'm very interested to see the dip dyes of blue and orange hooked into the loon background. I'm never sure how to use those pieces. Seeing them used in a rug would be great.

  2. Next time Gracie comes to visit I'll get a picture, she is hooking it vertical, top to bottom, I'll be curious to see how she does, not sure if I'm that brave.