Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Little Foster Girl

I have some extra mouths to feed these days, I have a foster mom and her kitten at my house, yesterday 'she' not named, finally pee'd for the first time in her litterbox, I was like a proud mom, we are still working on the drinking milk from a bowl or soft food, but for some reason last night she enjoyed a few pieces of cooked potatoes. She has a favorite spot in the kitchen where my Fraser Cutter sits. The two kids that stay with us most of the time now very much enjoying the kitten and asking if we can keep her, she is just starting to play and being so very young good around my dog compared to the mother cat whom obvisously was not around dogs much and commonly attacks poor Libby.
So half of me says to keep her and the other half of me says to just make sure she has a good home as there will be hundreds more just like her in my lifetime coming through the shelter doors.

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