Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stripes are In, Again

This is one of 4 rugs I just received, my Aunt was at an Auction and knows my mother and I are into rugs. We got 5 rugs for $40.00 what a steal, they are all in different levels of damage, I've had to put stain remove on one, they have been handwashed and line dried. This one is my favorite just simple stripes of red, green, taupe, burgundy, light teal, the black border is in bad shape and I'm hoping to be able to repair it.


  1. If you can't repair that outer border, maybe you could just remove it? I sure do like the simplicity of that one - would be a fun, mindless design to hook, huh?

  2. I know, it is primitive but would work well in a new contemporary home too. I just washed it up and put on my kitchen floor, but really have to look closer at it and try something.

    I'll show everyone the others I have.

  3. It is so nice to be reminded that sometimes simple is the best route. If any other "hookers" are like me, we stress over designs etc but that simple striped rug is beautiful!