Friday, July 23, 2010

Rescue Animals - Just Part of My Life Now

I was just reading Rugs and Pugs blog and her passion to save rescue animals and I thought I'd share a few furry friends that I helped save recently.  These 4 kittens came to my house one friday night we were unsure if they would live.  Their mother had not returned for over a day and their fate was sure to be starvation.

I agreed NOT wholeheartedly to take the kittens into my new rug hooking kitchen and see if they could eat enough to survive, we mixed up a homemade milk :corn syrup, eggs, water (and vitamins) as the vet was closed for the night. 

We started feeding them every 4 hours and sure enough in the morning they were still alive.  They grew every day and ate and ate special vet  "mother's milk"  This is one of the reasons I have been busy and not posting alot I've been mother to 4 kittens with a 4-6 hour feeding schedule.  LOL

Ready for adoption now, stronger than ever.


  1. My heart is just melting! I admire you and Lauren to the utmost for doing this rescue work. How can you not feed and cherish something so darn cute! You are blessed!
    Cathy G

  2. Okay I am not a cat person, but that face!

  3. Corinne ~
    AW! They are just too cute. Thank you so much for giving them a chance at life.
    Thanks also for reading my blog and adding a link to it. I really do appreciate it.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Tks for comments I'm mostly a dog person but to save animal lives I'm willing to try. I had a cat years ago but seem to be a little allergic now.

  5. Love your blog that I stumbled on tonight. I have been hooking off and on for 2 years and am must getting into the world of Hooking Blogs --- so much to see! How wonderful that you could save those darling kittens!
    A new fan, Pat