Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fresh Chives and Chicken Soup

One of my favorite summer treats is the fresh chives that I use in my cooking,  I would just love to have fresh herbs year round to uses.  I'm unsure how to make a small in door Herb Garden but I think this is on my to-do list for fall.  Any input is appreciated from Herb users that have done this. 


  1. oh that pot of soup looks so good. I worked part way through lunch and went to Subway and grabbed a quick sub. Blah. I should have stopped at your house instead!

  2. OK, that darn picture has been driving me crazy. All I have thought about since opening this post the other day, is homemade soup. Now, thanks to you, I'm actually going to have to make some this weekend. Fall is in the air and comfort food is on my mind!
    Soooo, instead of doing something fun this weekend, I'm making soup! LOL