Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nancy's Rug Display at the Fibre Arts Festival 2010

Nancy's Rug Display at the 2010 Fibre Arts Festival,  if you are wondering about the layout of the display the biggest difficultly was the fact that this was a Church Building with 'very' low lighting and alter chairs and religious area layout. So we moved the chairs around and tied strings to the rugs to show her larger patterns, with smaller rugs on the alter, laying on longer tables and along the floor of the main area.


  1. Everything looks great. I'm glad to hear so many people showed up to see your Mom's work. She is very talented and it was nice to see her get a little recognition!

  2. Hi Corinne,
    The display looked great! I am gathering from Kim's comment that the artist is your mother? Hope to hear a little more about her in future posts!
    Her rugs are wonderful!
    Cathy g

  3. Beautiful rugs....makes me 'drool' over all those lovely designs.

  4. Tks Girls, I had to do a little pushing to get Mom to display her rugs. She said well they are not that special (rolled up in my attic). Nancy was also asked to show a few of her rugs at the Hook-In on Saturday, I have pic's of that event, what a larger crowd of hookers. Kim you missed a great event and the FOOD was awesome too.