Sunday, February 1, 2009

Foster Boy's new Jacket

Casper the Poodle, is my foster dog this week, he is so small that I didn't have a jacket for him, he has been groomed recently and had to be shaved close to the skin for mats. If I took Casper outside to do his business he was freezing, my Mom and I decided to make a little jacket for him yesterday, he has this dog bone pattern and a bright blue and red one. Casper was styling in his new jacket when he went to visited 2 potential new adoptees, I don't expect Casper to be with us much longer, but he is an enjoyable little guy to have around.

Not to be out done, my little girl Libby got a new Jacket too, she loves Polar Fleece, she is sporting a brown one with a light blue collar.


  1. So sweet. Casper looks very at-home with you. Maybe you should adopt him???

  2. How precious are your blog and your hooked rugs!

  3. Tks I appreciate the comments. I'm a little heart broken Casper the foster dog has gone to his forever home. But I have my little girl Libby.