Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's a Match

All done and my customer is happy, shown on the left is an exact match of #39 Green and on the right is a great shade of green in the same family as this left over swatch, New name is Grannie Smith Apple # 41 HOT! HOT!

This morning a have more wool soaking ready to move on to the next project, I'm thinking Easter. It's hard to dye wool when you are sharing the kitchen with the rest of the house, some day I will have my own little kitchen and studio.


  1. thanks for matching the greens so well. I will post up a photo of the frog as it progesses.

  2. Hi Corinne
    Me again!
    I was trying to sign up to follow your blog but it won't let me.....whaaaaaa!!!!
    any suggestions? meanwhile I will just link you on my blog so I won't lose you.
    waving from southern ontario canada

  3. I will ask my friend that is a 'follower', maybe that is it. I'm fairly new to this. I had to pick a profile from the drop-down list below when I post on someone's blog (Google GMail for me)and some people seem to force a special login Gene Sheperd needs a Word Press account. I see your comment on this one.