Friday, July 31, 2009

Off to the Shelter

I'm off to the Shelter tonight my second life and my second BLOG. I'm not sure what we'd do in this area without the Shelter the number of dogs and cats that go through their doors. I have been doing the website for about 3 years and I think I have a photo of almost every breed of dog God created and some very funny mixtures too. Try a Lab and Bassett hound O My. Half of the dogs at the shelter this week have been rescued from homes where the owners had them tied and beaten. I have 2 dogs that are not to be put on the website as they are in hiding and suffered terrible lives. We just have to keep strong and save one life at a time.


  1. I can't understand how anyone can hurt an animal. Cheers to all the volunteers like you!

  2. I used to purchase my pets at breeders/pet stores. I adopted my first rescue dog in 2002 and she was a lovely black/white Jack Russell that had been in isolation in a barn with 50+ dogs. How she survived, I will never know.

    I had Weezie in my life for 5 years. She was older when I got her and after 5 years, she became ill with kidney disease and passed away. I was always sad that she didn't have a happier life for longer, but at least, she had 5 years of security, happiness and most of all, love.

    It was then, that I vowed never to purchase a dog again. Now, I have Maddy (another Jack) who I adopted from the Gander SPCA. She was not abused but an older lady had her until she was 6 months old and was to much energy for an older person!

    Thanks for caring!