Saturday, November 14, 2009

A quiet Saturday Night at home

Don't get me wrong.......

I love company as much as the next person but tonight I'm enjoying the peace and quiet. My day started after the 2 small children and the large child went off to do their thing. I have been sick for several weeks if you've noticed the minimum number of blogs.

With the sun shining every so brightly it showed the dust and dirt of the house and myself being the only human creature of the house whom sees the dirt or is troubled by the sight of it I took to cleaning for several hours. I put the self cleaning oven on and opened the windows. I received as a gift an H2O Steam Mop last year for Christmas and what a rig as my whole house is hardwood floors. I wanted to sanitize my surroundings with all though germs that had been floating in the air.

After my sense of accomplishment it was onto ironing all my new wool colors and dying some others. Mom is doing a Christmas sock pattern class on Wednesday and she has a list of colors for me to have done. These are some of the basic colors I've dyed this week. I'll blog the crazier colors next.


  1. Thanks for the wool. I had a nice visit. Its fun to gab and gossip without a house-full! I hope you didn't mind me molesting your wool piles! LOL I can't resist. And your new colors ROCK!

  2. I love sunny days, too, Corinne but it got a tendency to show our neglect, for sure. At least you had an excuse being sick....Love your colors. I don't know anything about dyeing and I dare not get into it....I have enough mess around now with my materials..... :)

  3. OMG Anne I'm running out of room for my wool, Mom has the attic full of recycled and the Dining Room (temporary shop) shelves are near full but I keep dying and dying. My basement is finally starting to get finished and I really hope to move down there with my own Kitchen area and lots of room.

    Wait till you see the new colors.

  4. mmmmmm.....I love that hot pink!