Sunday, November 8, 2009

New House for Christmas

This is a pattern that Nancy helped design for our friend Grace, she is hoping to get this done for Christmas, this pattern is her son's home I will update you if she comes in to visit this week. I have to dye the Sky Blue for her I actually named it Gracie Sky Blue because that is the color she always picks for her skies. No sensing changing a good thing I guess.

I'm been sick so not alot of Blogging this week.


  1. Hi, Are you feeling better? No purse update this weekend. My neighbor has gone AWOL with my lining. She will deliver it eventually!

  2. Great drawing! Looks like we're alike with our drawing~very analytical. I did one for my friend Patti's house. She has hooked it, but I still haven't seen it in person.
    Hope you're feeling better!