Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ran out of Space

I've been running out of space to display wool, at some point you just start putting it where ever it will fit. Fortunately I was at the an auction this weekend and bought a small drying rack for $5.00 well as you know from auctions sometime they group items together, this picture is what I receive with my drying rack. It's hard to imagine now as it was covered in mack-tack with a nasty fake wood print and the chrome was rusty along the bottom. I scrubbed and used some sos pads and voila..... Today I started to put some of my speciality dyed wools on this stand. That is after I dyed a new Autumn Leaves color.

I think it now looks like something out of an IKEA catalogue!! Tks Grampa for bringing it home for me in your van.

And the best news of the weekend was that I found a different drywall guy, he is starting Tuesday as the other 'guy' never answers his phone and the weeks are going by, as I wait and wait.


  1. Corinne,
    Nice shelf! Looks like you have lots and lots of room to stack all that wool! Cathy G

  2. Looks like this will be my new favorite wool rack!! Good news on the dry-waller. I'm crossing my fingers for you.