Friday, January 1, 2010

Bringing in 2010

We ordered a new Wool Cutter in for someone's Xmas Gift, sorry it didn't make it through Customs in time :-( Miss. Claus I believe was going to deliver it yesterday. Rigby "D" with a 4 and 5 cut together. Hope you enjoy Mrs. C, great exchange on the dollar right now.

I'm working right along on my next rug, "Live" first word on the rug. Really without a pattern per say, started with a rough doodle on a notepad, just sketching and drawing as I go. This is an 8 cut on primitive Burlap.

2010 is finally here, and the Apple Cider is all gone, thought that would be a healthy alternative to wine, low cal and a yummy hot drink. God I miss my Apple Cider evenings can't find anymore in the stores.