Thursday, June 17, 2010

Something Old, Something New and More Reno. Updates

Something Old : Missy my Foster Dog is still here at my house I was sure she would be adopted within a few days. She is the perfect little house dog, housetrained and affectionate till that special day when the right application comes in she is here sharing (hogging) my bed. 

Something New: an addtional to the dog pack here at my house is a 13 week old puppy that I'm babysitting tonight. Cooper is in his teething stage biting and grabbing at any toes or soft objects that move.

Rennovations Update..............

On to some new reno. updates this week,  finally, finally I have a double sink, running water (in and out) and under cabinet lighting.  The counter tops are just perfect I bought the counter tops before the cabinets and worried about the colors clashing but I'm save staying with these warm tones. 

here comes the water  woohoo!!!

the sink is in now....

lots of boxes from the cabinets

this is the other side of the kitchen and it will have a stove top inserted when I get to that stage, for now I can just cook in a electric pan. 

I think my next post will be the first dye batch, color what color should I dye?? 

1 comment:

  1. The cabinets and countertop look really great. I can't believe the difference in your basement in just a few months.
    For your first color I vote for an antique rose shade! No specific reason, just looking at voids in my stash.