Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa is gone for another Year

Libby and I had another wonderful Christmas together, she was a good sport and wore her Santa Suit Christmas Eve.   

My little sheep is hooked and stitched, this was my first try and I really struggled with sewing the pattern inside-out on Scottish Burlap (my mother's favorite) If and when I do another sheep I will do two things different:  I will be putting the pattern on Rug Warp and make the pattern just a bit larger.  

BTW -  I think I forgot some one's rug warp for the third or fourth time.  t


  1. Your little sheep are cute but I bet it was tedious assembling the little duffers! I've not done a hooked animal or anything that needs assembly other than a purse! Nice to see you back on the blog!

  2. Thanks Alice, if you want the pattern just message me.

  3. Libby looks soooooo cute in her outfit and the finished sheep - adorable.
    BTW - I looked twice for the rug warp! LOL Tie a ribbon on your wrist to remember. Hehehehe

    PS the froggie planter is HOT. I have spot all picked out on the deck for him this spring.

  4. Hi Corinne,
    I like your post and glad to see you back! Those sheep are adorable! Love the colors you used! Libby is so sweet!
    I haven't tried hooking a stuffed anything either..... Guess I need to venture out and try something different. Your sheep have me thinking!
    Much Happiness in the New Year!
    Cathy G