Monday, January 3, 2011

Fishy Situation

I may never eat fish again.  Off to the local grocery store today in a storm just to get out of the house - little shack wacky -   I'm shopping around for some deals and I see this Haddock markdown down 30% off,  I thought ummm on sale as it is due today but I'm going home to fry this delicacy and treat myself.  When I got back to the truck Libby was smelling the groceries and I thought Libby is all excite to have some fresh fish tonight also.

I few hours after being home I grabbed the fish out of the fridge and cut the packaging open, OMG the smell is still in my nose!!! the odor was more than I could stand, I quickly re-packaged the fish, put it back in the fridge to stop the smell from circulating around my kitchen.  I can't believe a store would sell Old Smelly Fish.

I have since returned the fish to the store for a refund, but not sure if eating fish any time soon is in my future.


  1. Ewwww, there is nothing worse than bad fish! See you tomorrow.

  2. Kim is so right! Glad you got a refund (and got the stink!)
    Hugs :)