Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Promise, I Promise

I just made a promise to myself to start posting more,  I'm not sure what the problem is?  there is always sometime going on around here.  I even have my HomePage as the Blog Page just to remind me, "hey you better get posting"

I just brought home an 8 week old puppy from the shelter for foster care,  the garage is being demolished today. O ya, and I do work all week so the stories that I could tell but are probably not for public consumption.   And there are always new colors of wool being dyed.

Anyway hope you enjoy the photos of my new little foster girl, the Shelter is just packed with unwanted dogs and there is a storm coming tomorrow AGAIN so she would probably just be sitting in an old cage for 2 days.  She's a smart little thing she is almost housetrained as long as you are in puppy mode and let her out often and don't free feed.  Last night was her first night with no littermate as the shelter scooped her up from an on-line buy, sell, & giveaway swap shop as a "free puppy".  She has no name yet if there are any thoughts from my followers. 


  1. Oh...she's so sweet. You are good to scoop her up. Lucky little pup! How long will you foster her? And then how do you give her up?

  2. Such a cute girl! How nice of you to take her home ~ maybe she'll stay? Have fun with her!

  3. Oh, you old softie!! She is so cute. Is Libbie jealous?? Probably just excited to have a new playmate while you are at work.
    The garage looks a mess. It must be driving you CRAZY!

  4. I have made a mental note that all Foster Dogs are temporary even though I tend to cry as they leave. She should only be around for a few days as puppies are quickly adopted.

    My yard looks like a page out of an unsightly poster. OMG !! Hillbilly Central.

  5. What a sweetheart! You are so brave being a foster mom! I hope she can find a forever home soon!
    I'll hope for an early Spring for you Corinne so you can get to work on that garage! I bet it seems like all you have been doing is remodeling etc. No wonder you don't have time to post!! Don't feel guilty about that... just don't give up completely!
    Cathy G

  6. Corrine,
    I'd call her Luckie since she is lucky you came in to her life. Fostering is bittersweet and so very rewarding. I am currently foster-less, but tonight with this freezing rain I am thankful!!!
    Pug hugs :)

  7. Oh she's so cute! I'm a foster mom too. Trying not to become a foster failure and adopt her!!! Hard not getting attached.