Friday, January 14, 2011

Something OLD and Something New & Libby

In reversed order, something new, into the dye pot on a Friday night,  O what a life. 

Love a piece of Purple Rain wool nice deep dark purple which is now dripping dyed in the side room.

Now to the interesting part of my day,

My garage roof collapsed last night, I awoke to a terrible sounds of cracking wood and falling snow.  Poor old Betsy could not take the huge snow load from our last storm.  Photo above: is from my bedroom window view and Photo below:  front on view. All is not lost as I have insurance and no one was hurt in this disaster.   God is always looking down on me and protecting me.  Have a Great Weekend everyone.

And as always by my side - My Sweet & Loveable Libby waiting till the next game of catch.


  1. Aw, Libby is such a sweetie..They do love to play catch, don't they...

    Too bad about your disaster...hope it is no time before you have it all much for winter...

    Love those colors.....

  2. Your poor garage is worse than I expected. But yes, lucky no one was hurt. So I guess now it is a Spring re-construction.
    Love that pic of Libby! I'm sure I will need more wool soon, so I can play catch with her again.

  3. Corinne! That garage is a disaster! Your car was not in there I hope!
    This snow is something to reckon with! How can something so light and fluffy turn into something so heavy?
    That wool looks awesome! Such great colors....... it will fly out the door!
    Cathy G

  4. Like Cathy G, I hope your car wasn't in there! You have a great attitude ~ that's good thing! And I love your purple wool ~ I received some of that last year in your giveaway!! Hope today is uneventful!

  5. Corrine ~
    Thankfully no one was hurt and you have insurance, but it still is more than you want to deal with, for sure!
    AAAWWWW. Libby is too sweet!
    Pug hugs :)