Sunday, January 25, 2009

2 Colors to Start the Week

These are my 2 colors dyed this weekend. I was out of Light Golden Yellow (I love this color!) and a Grey Green.


  1. Hi Corinne ~ Pretty name!! I saw that you are one of the followers of my blog ~ thank you!! And I see you live in Amherst ~ do you take classes from Deanne Fitzpatrick? I want to do that one day! Your dyed wool is beautiful ~ very orderly looking! I dye wool but in my own un-orthodox way!! But it all comes out fine in the end!! Thanks for stopping by ! Alice

  2. Hello, thanks for the compliment, I just found these Blogs and love it, the ability to get knowledge from Rug Hookers across North America and beyond. We are very fortunate to be associated with Deanne as she is 'near famous' here and people embrace the art of rug hooking. I myself have not taken any courses but my mother has taken courses from Deanne and Elizabeth Black. My mother has taught me the basics of hooking and dyed wool. I tend to hook primitive and she hooks traditional. We love creating new colors and finding that special color at the local second hand shops. All the Best and thanks for visiting.