Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Rug's Enemy

For Christmas I got an iRobot, he is a great little housekeeper, around the house he goes cleaning up dirt, I tested out how he can maneuver, up over the door thresholds, over the mats in the kitchen and in the livingroom. But, the second time a let my new little housekeeper loss I was upstairs I heard a strange noise, he got caught on one of my rugs, little pieces of wool on the floor, so if you get a new iRobot to assist you with the house cleaning please take up your handmade rugs first.

From the photo you can verily see the corner of the rug that I had to un-sew and re-hook, of course the color was a one of a kind print so I used a little soft black.


  1. Oh No!! I thought about getting one, and will be careful if I do! I could have one going 24/7 around here!LOL!! Thanks!!! Cathy

  2. Glad to help. This is just an old rug I hooked using recycled wool, the dog and kids have access too, but if you had a really nice one with lots of details and shading, the repair could be more difficult.