Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two first's in one day

I started my Skeleflora Hooked Purse today, this is the first time I have used cotton rug warp until now I have always used Burlap either Primitive or Scottish, it's a nice product very soft and flexible.

Secondly I have not used wool yarn before but I figure because the Skeleflora pattern uses yard what the hell I'll try it. It's not a bad product either I enjoy the ability to just keep hooking and only cut the yarn as needed with wool stripes the flow is not the same.

On the yummy side of my day I had some homemade Spelt Bread with peanut butter for breakfast thanks to Mommy for baking some bread on the weekend, we received the recipe from my Aunt I talked about in a previous blog posting. Did I mention that I'm an only children and love to be spoiled rotten still.

Bija Tea was also on the menu today, I'm hoping the slimming powers of this Tea payoff


  1. Your purse is coming along great. I can't wait to see more of it when I get home. The conference is great but I am missing my hooking! If I had brought it with me I probably would have felt better this morning! We had a bit of a late night but lots of laughs. Tylenol this morning for breakfast! LOL

  2. I love that purse pattern and will enjoy watching the whole process. I think I would love a hooked purse, but am so bad at finishing things, I know it would get hooked and then never put together!

  3. That is the part that worries me putting it together so I'm going to hook all I can and hope that Jennifer can teach me enough to get this purse together I would really like to use the purse this fall, cross your fingers.

    I just have to look at my sewing machine and it breaks so I hope she is patience.

    I only have 2 flowers left to hook now.

    Tks Debra for responses.

  4. so where does one find cotton rug warp? I use burlap and am not sure if I would like something more flexible, but always willing to try new things.

  5. I'm so behind on my blog reading....but it's great to see you working on you purse ;-) No pressure, though....some folks won't even get their pattern until the class.

    Looking forward to meeting you next week!


  6. I must ask Jennifer Manuell, as I would like to have some cotton rug warp too.