Monday, December 28, 2009

Enjoying Christmas, maybe too much

I just love Christmas with all the food and visiting, I have not been on-line or even reading Blogs on purpose, Why? because my job entails hours and hours of being attached to computers and the best mental therapy for me is not being in the virtual world for a few days.

I was visiting today with my Grandpa , several Aunts, my Uncle and the new baby of the family. I was thinking "is this how the rich people live?" not a worry in the world, no alarm clock to wake up to, getting all prettied up and roaming around visiting and socializing.


  1. Hello there! So glad I found your blog.. I'm a wanna be novice rug hooker... new to Nova Scotia too... happy to see what gorgeous creations you have been making (0: Happy New Years to you and yours (0: Cheers, Sally xo

  2. Hey,
    Glad to see you are enjoying your break. You needed some down time. Have you hit the dye pots this week?

  3. Welcome Sally, these blogs are the next best thing to rug hooking. You are welcome to bitch about life with the rest of us.