Wednesday, December 30, 2009

When Mommy gets Busy

Have you ever noticed that when mommy gets busy the children will act up?

As the story goes, as soon as the phone rings the kids want something. Well when mommy gets too busy in this house puppy gets busy too. Before Christmas I was doing a project working day and night and not getting the daily doggie walks in on a timely schedule, so Libby (my dog) took matters into her own paws. Each day she would dig at the corner off my rug!!! now this is just something old and with recycled worms but either way I'll have to fix it.

Normally, she does not bother with my rugs around the house other than to lay on them, but this one took a beating in the photo above.

This is the little angel herself after her trip to the groomer today, I had her hair nicely up in a clip and she quickly pulled that out.

Below is the wool I used to start my next project, 4 recycled colors for the wording and now I'm starting the flowers.

Happy New Year everyone, as I watch the weather channel I can see this will be a stay in type of night.


  1. Hahaha Libby wants a little extra attention. She is so cute. Throw that old "fetal pig" toy for her!
    Hey, pretty pink worms. What is this project?

    PS - I'm designing a butterfly rug. Dig out the dye book for me.

  2. Hey what color are you looking for? got some wool soaking.