Friday, December 18, 2009

Santa is coming to Town, way too soon

Santa is coming in a week from today, I'm starting to panick now and I'm not sure how I got myself so far behind with my shopping and decorating but I guess I'll have to make the best of it. Tomorrow will be my first shopping day and I hope to have the tree up by Sunday.

Thought I'd share this rug hooked piece that my mother hooked I few years back, the second photo shows the mounting board uses to display Old World Santa. This Santa pattern was a design from a class that she took from Edie Cole who is a local rug hooking teacher.


  1. And the photo doesn't do it justice. I've seen it in person and he is beautiful. Your Mom does such great detail work. BUT I thought you said Santa wasn't coming for a week?? LOL

  2. That is a beautiful piece!! And I agree with you ~ this week is closing in on us fast!!! Happy Holidays to you and yours ~ Alice