Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Meet Lugnut the newest member of the family

Lugnut is the newest member of the family, my grandfather has adopted the neighbors dog who was tied out to a dog house for over a year. Grandpa would bring him over treats and watched out for the dog to make sure his basic needs were met. After a series of events my grandfather basically rescued this lovable, affectionate and very smart dog.

The strange name comes from the original owner being a mechanic and named the dog 'lugnut' ?? Lugnut's first visit was to a local grooming shop as he was too smelly to enter a vet clinic. Second visit was to the vet clinic where he was neutered and lost the 'nut' of his name , get it LOL We have been trying to call him by lugger just to change up the strange name. The photo above is of Lugnut just after his trip to the grooming shop and was quick to dig in the mud.

The other update is the electrical being done in the Rug Studio, finally I have power and can plug into the walls and there is HEAT. I have a bundle of moldings with my name on them in the garage just waiting to be painted. So that will be my excitement later in the week.


  1. OMG - first, a sigh of relief. I thought you brought home another stray! And 2nd....."he lost the "nut" in his name"??? HAHAHA Seriously losing it here laughing. So now you can just call him Lug........or Lug-No-Nut...... OMG Make me stop!

  2. Now I'm laughing outloud. Grandpa loves the dog with my Grandmother gone he is great company.

  3. Hi Corinne,
    He looks like a great little dog! Bet he's loving all the attention and TLC. Your Grandpa is a real sweetheart for adopting him like that! Good luck with your painting and hope you are enjoying your new space!! Cathy G