Sunday, May 30, 2010

Paint it yourself

Kim came over to visit and pick out the colors for the OutHouse Pattern's night sky that she is hooking away on, we looked through the color books and choice 2 blues and a light lavender tone.

I handed her the paint brush and said "here paint it yourself" she looked at me a little funny and said ahh OK? well I created a monster I think the paint was flying quickly up and down the wool LOL I quite enjoyed watching her with that little smile swinging the brush high and low. We salted it , rolled it up and off to the oven.

I dyed the lavendar color and let her back at the wool again... The smile was getting larger as she went!!

Out of the oven with steam still coming off the tin foil, it's ready for the clothesline.

Take 2, this is the second wool piece that I painted. Added a bunch of colors little yellow, blue, green and voilet I had in the house.


  1. OMG I had so much fun. You may be right about creating a monster! LOL I've been dreaming up color combinations since I left your house.
    I couldn't believe it when you handed me the brush!!! I thought..."Is she nuts!"

  2. Great rug design inspiration! You did it so well, the colors are awesome!

    Good work!