Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where has the month gone?

I have been trying and trying to get my head back into rug hooking and dying but it seems that I have too many 'energy vampires' biting at my neck. In life you have to been careful of these creatures as people will keep asking for more and more of your time and skills. So back off Vampires and get your own life!!!
Because I have been so tarty I should have a wool giveaway!! ummm, tonight after I spend the evening doing Interviews for my volunteer group, I'll pick out some wool and post the details tomorrow. Second surprise will be a small burlap Santa pattern.


  1. ENERGY VAMPIRES ??? OMG I am laughing so hard right now! Hang in there girl. Guess we didn't feed you enough rum Friday night....

  2. I'm into the beer tonight LOL. Thanks for the color picking help.