Monday, January 10, 2011

Light the Way and Dye Yarn

New lighting at the Rug Studio this weekend.  The first photo: the four-way light fixture had two broken light bulbs right out of the box back to Home Depot this weekend to replace them. Now I'm only one light fixture short in the whole area.  Finally a little more progress. Steps are still on the un-done list. 

I've recently starting to dye yarn as a new product in the shop.  I met another rug hooker that hooks with yarn myself personally I had never dyed yarn nor hooked with yarn other than a small blotch here and there for some reason.  The lady in the photo is Mary who started to hook with yarn a few years back and now always hooks with yarn.  Mary came into the shop one day and said " Do you sell yarn?"  I had some yarn for whipping but it had not occurred to me to custom dye yarn,  I said' No, but I Can"  So we picked a few custom colors in the 6-value swatches and the rest is history.


  1. Hi Corinne!
    Glad to see your post! The room looks wonderful! I have been thinking about trying to hook with some yarn too. For a change.
    Your room looks wonderful! Have you posted pictures yet of the finished space?
    I chuckled at your comment on my blog..... it's fun to remember back to those days! LOL! I was a goody two shoes during school. After school however......... not so much!
    Cathy G

  2. Hi Corrine

    I use wool yarn as my fibre of choice. I started out on yarn and sometimes, use wool strips but overall prefer yarns...

    Your studio is lovely and warm looking!