Friday, August 14, 2009

99.9% Done Boston Terrier

Update on the Boston Terrier Rug, I put a meter stick on the rug to show how very large it is.

The owner of this rug will be placing it in her front entrance and as you walk in you'll see the Dog Dixie and as you leave you will again see a full image of Dixie. One more batch of sage green to dye tonight. I have all the wool dyed for the previous post on the 2 Horses also.

If you are wondering why I didn't blog for 2 days I brought home another rescue dog that need some specialize love and care. You can read about Jackson in our local Animal Shelter Blog.

Jackson already went home this afternoon so I'm filled with joy and sadness at the moment.


  1. Oh little Jackson is so adorable. He looks almost relieved to have escaped his abuse. You are such a softie!!! And the Dixie rug is awesome.

  2. Oh, how good little Jackson looks in his new home. If i was still owning my farm, I would be taking in rescues. I just have no room here. And what a gorgeous rug as well.

  3. I need a color-planning session with you this week. Someday right after work, maybe?

  4. I would love some real company, I made a new crazy colored wool yard last night, it's a beautiful mistake.
    I dyed the wrong color I was supposed to dye Sage Green to finish that Boston Terrier rug (that Mom is hooking not me) but I dyed Leafy Green, so I just threw some blues and red in and had fun with it.

    Jackson went to his forever home Friday, there were a few tears after they left. But I'd never tell.