Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's a Celebration kind of night

Makes me think of that song, "Celebration Time, Come On"

The new Celebration Magazine is here and guess what I'm doing soon, on the stove is the new Golden Brown and also an Olive color as soon as they are washed and on the dry line I'm off to bed with my new magazine. I have been on the go everyday this week on vacation, on my way to Prince Edward Island tomorrow for the Canada Games.

I was in Advocate this week as a tourist with my Aunt and Uncle I showed them Cape D'Or Lighthouse and we eat there in the small tea room the food was excellent with the new management's cooking .

Fortunately done of us fell off the rocks trying to get that perfect picture.


  1. Looks like you guys had a great day. It is such a beautiful area. We really are lucky to live where we do!
    P.S. Did you go to the store I told you about with the great leather purses??

  2. yes I made sure we went there also!

    We didn't buy a purse, but the jellies and jam were nice, blueberry and apple jelly, Ron smoked his cigar while Sandra and I roamed around the second floor antiques. I drove and they enjoyed the scenic coastline through to Parrsboro and back to Amherst.

  3. Hello my name is Mary and I grew up in Advocate, NS. I just went there on my vacation at the end of July this year. It is a bit of a shock when I hear that people visit my home town. I am enjoying reading your blog. The more rug hooking blogs I read the more I think I should start hooking myself.
    It has been many years since I did the Cape D'Or trek. I am glad that you enjoyed Advocate. Did you get to visit Red Rocks as well? That is my favorite place back home.