Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Planning Session to Finalize the two Horses

There was some last minute planning today to help with this 2 Horses pattern, it was decided to move the names of the horses lower down the pattern a little bit and the right horse's neck has to be re-shaped over to the right side.

Tonight I'm dying the Green with Brown abrushing needed for the background. There's a timeline on this one as it will be displayed in the local Oxford Exhibition this month.

Hook Girl Hook.


  1. Very nice. And a good excuse for you to get out the dye pans again. You know I'm always looking for a new color!!

  2. it's still all about the green(s) for some reason. I have another yard of GREEN to do tonight. Then a Brown.

    Then I can make something new and fun.

  3. I'll show you what I dyed last night, it is still on the clothline.

  4. Lovely job Corinne. You are an inspiration that's for sure.