Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fun and Games

Transitional Dying Fun and Games this week, I was not really concerned as much about the colors as the technique, so in saying that I threw in several layers of stripes from the mismatches ends box.

Each of these pieces is a different color : blue, soft pink, two pieces of red dipped dyes, natural, and camel herringbone, tan and beige .

Second night of fun was using these recycled pieces below to bleed into my natural Dorr stripes, the brightest colors of wool are lower quality wool that I would only cut by hand 'but' they are awesome colors to re-dye my natural and light camel herringbone.

Colors start to bleed through in the first 15 minutes on this is my second Transitional Dying project.

Final project, I think these are nice soft colors for Easter.


  1. Now you should design an easter rug with that fun wool! LOL I keep finding wool I have bought and forgotten about - last night found a piece of Nemo! (Yes I have a problem)

  2. Gee if I hooked at the speed of light like you I'd have it done next week, LOL

    I think I'll do an Easter GiveAway I liked your idea with the 100th.