Sunday, February 14, 2010

Three New Colors for my Wool Collection

And the wool addiction continues, my newest colors right off the drying rack - Sweet Lilac, a Dark Dark Oceany Blue, and another shade of Sea Green with reddish speck.

I'm hoping to sketch my Seascape today I can finally envision my pattern and that is the hardest part. It's not going to be elaborate a waterfront scene with a small old Dory Boat docked and the foliage along the waters edge. I'm still unsure if there will be any people, animals or buildings on the waterfront, but I'm refusing to copy off any pattern.

This is a little angel we saved this week, this is the only reason I tolerate the 2 legged creatures.

When I look into Leia's puppy eyes this 10 week old puppy who was saved with 2 other of her litter mates, her mother died shortly after giving birth as there was still one puppy inside her with the owners unknowing. Leia and the other 2 puppies that didn't die just after birth as some of the others because of the neglectful ownership having been saved being bottle feed from 5 weeks old at the LA Animal Shelter and are off to new loving homes.


  1. Oooh, drooling over the lilac and deep blue. Perfect for the background for something..... I know - too many ideas, not enough time! LOL

  2. Love Love the wool colors! What a sweet fur baby too. Now who could resist those big eyes! Hope he gets a loving home! Can't wait to see your new rug design's so hard to get it down on paper. I struggle with that too. I see it in my mind then translating to paper is another story. Cathy G