Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekend Stars Project

Just a little weekend project with a leftover edge of my rug burlap. I'm using some recycled wool and just hooking outward till I run out of wool, great strategy eh? LOL

Do you know what this is?
To the untrained eye it looks make a mess, well it is but .... this is the future kitchen sink of my Studio. The copper, ABS pipe ,electrical and natural gas water overflow lines had to be adjusted before my drywall guy can finish this area.

New cool color coming tomorrow, I'm seeing green.


  1. The new studio is taking shape. I can hardly wait for you to finish it! Post up your new colors!!!! Inspire us.

  2. All the drywall is on as of today, finally. Now if I can find that little man to fill in the holes I'll be all set.

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