Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hot out of the Pan

New Colors this week, this is the pot full of wool with the 4 different colors marrying together.

These are two end results from the dye bath, sort of a Santa Fe look.


  1. HOT.....See what happens when you don't POKE IT. LOL

  2. yes,
    You have to hide the stir stick from me most of the time, I look in the pan and just every so easy move a piece of wool, check it again and peak underneath how the color bleeding through, it's an addiction, the more I try the worst I am.

    I just have to "Walk away from the Pan!"

    Tks for the comment Kim.

    Where is that finished mat? Tim would be so proud of you.

  3. Next time you are dyeing a funky blend, I'll come over with a bottle of wine and distract you from the stir stick! LOL
    And thanks for the comment about Tim. I got teary when I read that. I start the whipping tonight on the rug.