Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Horse by any other name

I've been very busy with an on-line Virtual Course this week, in fact I lost my Virtual Server yesterday and had to re-build all last night, it was my stupidity so don't feel sorry for me.
But I had to stop and share this rug, look at the eyes are they not life like? I can just picture these horse (they look female to me) coming up to the fence waiting for some grass clipping.
Another issue in my life yesterday was the local Animal Shelter being broken into, fortunately the monies for this weeks adoptions had just been picked up by our Treasurer. And they didn't steal any of the medicals and needles. They stole a Yogurt ummm must have been hungry? You know it takes a big person to steal from a local not-for-profit organization whom lives mostly on donations.


  1. Beautiful horses rug! Yogurt? I guess you can be glad that is all they took and didn't trash the place! But still yogurt? Sounds rather suspicious......Cathy G

  2. Yup, they opened the back side of the locked cabinet that has the Petty Cash Can and Medical Supplies, took about $30.00 in Petty Cash, a staff cheque (we just cancelled) and the Yogurt that was being used for a Lab Dog with Mange for her diet.

    Tks on the Horses I really like the eyes my mother helped her with them.