Monday, March 22, 2010

Update from March 11 Two Horses

Update on the Two Horses from March 11, they are completely finished now, the background color in the border around the outside was dyed in the same pot as the yard used for whipping. The colors are very complimentary.

I survived day one of my newest course - class starts at 8:30am Eastern time, so it's 9:30am Atlantic, bringing my day to 5:30pm before class is over, So what do I do? Spend from 8:00am till class time rushing around making sure all the staff are OK before I jump into my Virtual World. Libby is providing her moral support as usually if there is any confusion the head is on the left and she does still have a pulse.
She doesn't know it yet but she is only one or two days away from a bath shhh......