Sunday, March 14, 2010

Public Groups in FaceBook are they really Public? not in my World

OK I have to vent again, I know it's Sunday and all.

This one boggles my mind, there is a local FaceBook Group for the LA Animal Shelter and I would off and on upload some pictures on-line after I updated the website, I didn't really notice at first that my postings were being removed, You see O NO this has been going on for months. One of my relatives happened to comment on the picture of a dog Rex I uploaded, and when I was in my HotMail account that I use for my FaceBook account, I clicked on Sonia's comment, I scratch my head at first, my posting is gone? Where did it go? I went into the FaceBook Group and sure enough the admin (who will not let any paying committee members or Board Members be in the Admin or Officer Section that's another story) she removed my posted and re-added the posting under her name.

I'm just baffled by people, this is the comment when I emailed and asked her.

Quote: " I remove them Corrine because it is my responsibility to post new photos of new arrivals at the shelter, as the group administrator I feel that is my responsibility. There are not many things I can do with the shelter because of my schedule this is one of the few things I can work on, but when someone else comes in and does it, where does that leave me?"

So the end of my story is this, I (the VP this year) will not post anymore new animals for now in the Public FaceBook Forum, and ignore this person but I don't forget, did I mention that 62% of the population of Cumberland County is literate. Wonder why we have to save dogs and cats from abusive homes?

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