Monday, October 5, 2009

Auction Shopping this weekend past

I was at an Auction this Sunday past and didn't plan to buy a thing...... just going to look around ahhh sure and look what I ended up buying this 6 foot high storage cabinet. Along with this cabinet I also found myself a new 'to me' end table solid oak with carved flowers on the sides.

O how I love a day at the Auction.

This cabinet is much smaller than the last one I had packed full of stuff, what's even better? in the photo below it's filled to the top with all my 1/4 Yard Wool Backgrounds, I still have the other shelving units with the swatches and the 1/2 yards and Yard.

But what a spacesaver this one is!!!


  1. It looks great. Smaller than you described it. Having that large unit gone must change the whole look of your dining room. But keep the door closed when I visit! lol just kidding

  2. I have more space for more wool, that's the best part.