Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sorry No Turkey this Weekend

Bought a new Roaster this weekend the family was quite excited saying "umm Turkey is that what you are going to cook tonight?"

I laughed NOT! ...................

This roaster is for dying wool not for food. I knew ahead of time what they were thinking and just waiting for the comments. Hoping to create some new casserole colors this week if my real paying job is not too too busy. Last week was a right-off for anything personal.

I did finish all the flowers on my Skelefora Purse except the purse flap, I have several reds picked out to hook around the flowers trying to follow the design of the original pattern, it is my weakness to not be focused and detour from instructions.

I was at an Auction today and got a new piece of furniture for my 1/4 Wool Backgrounds , they fit very well in it. I'll show you that one tomorrow. Still cleaning and moving the wool around.

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  1. Well, as much as I like turkey - I like it when you dye wool better! Good choice.