Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Part Two , the Bala Bag Queens

Group photo of the girls, reminds me of a school classroom everyone working along deep in thought. We were all peeking at each others projects and there was some wool envy going around as Jen would say. I, myself spied a piece of bright yellow and brilliant green spot dyed directly across the table.

Jennifer brought along a variety of products to custom design our Bala Bag. After seeing one of Jen's purses without the flap I'm undecided now I really like the look of her's without the front flap.

Our own little Amherst hooker girl working away on her purse, thought I share a photo of Kim and return the favor. hehehe

She looks very serious and concentrating on her pattern.

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  1. haha Thanks buddy! At least I look like I almost know what I'm doing. Progress!!