Monday, October 19, 2009

Skeleflora update

Little update on my purse, since this photo I have the outlines on the flowers on the opposite side done and I picked up some ribbon and put just a touch of black/gold into the background. I just signed up for the local Highland Hookers group under RHD and plan to attend their hook-in tomorrow night, I'm quite uses to hooking curled up in bed but I'm hoping this group will encourage me to hook more often. I didn't sign up for the Ten Minute Hooking group as I would probably just be a failure with the work weeks I have.

Just tonight I got home an hour after work and someone found my home number and phoned me begging to go to the shelter with them to get their puppy who had been picked up by the dog catcher. The shelter can not afford to be open everyday and their puppy that had just been spayed could be there for several days. So being one of the few people with a key (and a sucker) I felt guilty not to go out. After that I get home to 2.5 kids ( 2 kids and a man) trying to make dinner so I finished that job before someone got hurt. But now I'm enjoying my Laptop with wifi and a large screen TV in my favorite place on my bed.

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  1. Purse looks great. As for your math, I'd say its probably more like 4 kids! LOL I just got home from work myself. Long day - Long Meeting!