Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Little Girl with no Face

This rug is coming along nicely if you remember the Royal Blue that I dyed a few months back for the young hockey girl's jersey.

The hooker/owner of this rug needs some help (from my mother not I) getting the little girls face just right. Anyone that has done facial expressions in Fibre Art knows that if you hook the facial structure wrong this pre-teen hockey girl could appear to be 70 years old just by the wrong tones, shading and bone structure.

I will update you as the rug progresses.


  1. Corrine

    I love the changes in your blog especially the Puffins! I know that you list wool on eBay. Is it possible to purchase patterns etc from you directly?

    As for the icons of NL, I am not sure yet what I am going to do. I was going to donate it for a fund raiser..but we will see!

  2. She looks great. How did the dyeing go last night? Did you "leave it alone"?

  3. Hello Kim, I dyed oranges this night that I'll post just the basics sorry, maybe some fun stuff tonight in my roaster. The Shelter absorbed my evening, dogs had to come first.

    I just love love those backgrounds you got from Mahone Bay. I'm going to try to make copy the tones, SOMEONE TAKE the stir stick from me!! LOL

  4. Hello Julie, you are more than welcome to purchase direct from me. Just email me what pattern(s) you need and we'll get you setup. I don't have any of my the patterns back on the new website yet, I better get that done too. or I can phone you.

  5. Okay great..thanks for letting me know. And I will touch base with you about a pattern...